giovedì 31 marzo 2011

Spring is here

Spring is here! Today it was a really warm day. At 7.30 p.m. there still was this much light

and it was this warm!

martedì 22 marzo 2011

Father's day

It was father's day here on Saturday. Carlotta had made a nice present for her dad at school and we ate traditional Italian, or maybe just Roman, fathersday cakes, bignè di S. Giuseppe. In the afternoon Daniele had his football match and me and Sofia went horse riding. Carlotta brought her roller skates and played with the riding instructor's daughter.

mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

Skiing holiday

Back from a lovely skiing holiday in Austria together with friends. Snowy days, sunny days, lots of skiing, lots of eating. Our children definitely never got bored. In the morning they went to the ski school, all but Carlotta who didn't want to ski.  It was the first skiing holiday for the other family and their children learnt to ski really fast, which was nice. Their mother had done some skiing when she was younger and both she and her husband took a ski course in the mornings. Daniele's first skiing day started badly because he got the stomach flu, but fortunately it was over the next day and he was able to start his course. Then Carlotta got it, our friends' son, Armando the day before we left and the rest of our family when we got back to Rome. The most unfortunate thing, though, was that their mother hurt her knee in the slopes on the last day and even if it didn't seem so bad at the moment and she even partecipated in the final skiing competition, it then turned out to be a knee injury that most probably requires surgery and quite a long rehabilitation.
We were very satisfied with our hotel. It was a bit far from the slopes, so we used the car to get there. There also was a ski bus that took Carlotta back to the hotel to the mini club where she got lunch and played while we continued skiing. She was very happy with this solution as she didn't want to ski. The hotel was near the Italian border and the ski complex where we went skiing was in Italy. When we came back to the hotel from the ski slopes there was a snack of warm soup and cakes and the children could play in the mini club or go to the swimming pool, which got a bit too crowded, though, for my taste. Outside of the hotel there also was a slope with sledges that you could borrow. The nearest village was Sillian on the Austrian side and San Candido on the Italian side. Lots of walking paths start from the hotel, so it must be a nice place also in summer. The only negative thing was that it's quite far from Rome and when we came back there was so much traffic on the roads that we spent 11 hours in the car.