giovedì 26 settembre 2013

Week 35 - Last week in Finland

This was our last week in Finland this summer. The weather was really nice the wholeweek. On Monday we did some shopping and on Tuesday had a pick nick in the Katariina park by the sea. We do like picnics and I think there are so many nice picnic parks and places in Finland. A few of Daniele's friends from Lovisa play football here, so Daniele took the bicycle and went to see them training. On Wednesday we had a riding lesson in the nice riding school we have found here. On Thursday we had lunch in a little restaurant called Villa Aurora. It's beautifully furnished and very nice, but my children didn't like the food. Actually they were a bit unlucky, because even the desert happened to be a coffee mousse, so it was nothing for children. The last two days we spent visiting friends and on Saturday we partecipated in a little club competition at the riding school and said good bye also to the horses. On Sunday we flew back to Rome.

Back to summer photos - Week 34

We have been back in Italyfor almost a month now and it's time to catch up with my week photos. It has felt a bit more difficult than usual to settle back here and I really miss summertime and especially Finland and everything there, but slowly I'm filling my days here and trying to make the best of it.
Our second last week in Finland was full of happenings. I really tried to do most of the things from my to-do in Finland list.
As schools started in Finland the weather had become less summery and the nights already very cool. On Monday there were some rain showers in the morning, but in the afternoon it was sunny and Carlotta suggested a picknick. So out we went for a late afternoon coffee to the beach. Carlotta took a swim, too, but the water was really cold and the air was cool and windy. On Tuesday we went to the nice swimming pool in Kotka. For the first time Carlotta was able to swim with us in the big pool outside without any problems. The water was warm and as schools have started here it was very empty - only us and a few Russians. There are quite a few Russian tourists in Kotka as it isn't so far away from the border. On Wednesday we got our lazy teenagers to the Santalahti camping site. The thing that convinced them in the end was the Mini golf course. Carlotta and Sofia took a swim, too. On Thursday we went to Hamina, the nearby town where we hadn't been this summer at all. There is a very nice cafè. On Friday it was our last chance to go to Kaunissaari, an isle about an hour from Kotka. The boat traffic to the other isles had stopped already, as lots of things stop as soon as the schools start. Daniele went to spend the week-end with his friends in Lovisa and me and the girls spent the day at the isle. We had a pick nick basket with us and also swimming suits, but didn't need them, because it was quite windy and the cold sea water didn't tempt us. On Saturday it was a really warm day again. We went to Lovisa where there where the old houses' days. Many families who live in the old wooden houses had had opened their homes and you could walk in and see how they had furnished them and renovated them conserving the old style. There were garden cafés and flea markets everywhere in the town. My brother and his wife also came there, but we didn't have so much time to spend with them because we had to get home to take my mother and her friend to the bus that took them to see a ballet. On Sunday we had managed to organize a lunch with some of my relatives in Santalahti. It was a very good choice as we were able to spend the rest of the day there swimming and playing mini golf.