martedì 14 giugno 2016

My birthday

Today was my birthday. I felt a little bit stressed because I should have been working all day and I didn't do it.
In the morning I went out for a cappuccino with Carlotta and we went to a nearby clothes shop to see if they had some nice summery things. Didn't buy anything, but my girls managed to get a birthday present to me without me noticing it. Then we made the birthday cake, had lunch and I worked a little bit.
Then off to the riding stables and me and Carlotta had our riding lessons. Sofia didn't ride today, because Icoon had felt very strange the day before and we thought he had some problem with his rear leg. The vet came and gave us the good news that there was nothing wrong with him, probably only sore muscles.
Then we went out for a pizza with the family and ate a piece of birthday cake at home. I got a lovely birthday card made by the girls, a book, a t-shirt and a promise of a surprise coming soon!
Here's a little quick collage of the day. Unfortunately I messed up with my camera settings in the evening and the photos all came out very dark.

lunedì 13 giugno 2016

A month in photos - May

This is my May monthly photo collage. Better late than never!

In May we spent a day in our summer place in Fregene. We went to the beach for the first time this year in our swimsuits, but didn't swim yet. The water was a little bit chilly as spring hadn't been so warm here in Rome. We baked several times and I got homemade cakes for breakfast at mother's day. The apricots in our tree got ready and this year we got loads of them and made marmalade. Me and Carlotta had a beach picknick with coffee, juice and apple cake. Carlotta's last year in the Elementary School was coming to an end and she had a basket ball match, their class showed us a little musical and they got a diploma from their teachers. We went shopping to Ostia and after that I convinced the girls to go to the beach to take some photos during the beautiful golden our. And in the end of the month me and Carlotta spent two lovely days at a farm house in Tuscania about 100 km from Rome. And I also had quite a lot of work and we spent a lot of time with the horses.