sabato 20 marzo 2010

Skiing in the Dolomites

The first week of March we had a wonderful week in Andalo in Trentino. The sun was shining every day, the food was good and the hotel had a very nice girl who entertained our smallest one so we were able to ski in the mornings. Daniele and Sofia had their skiing course every morning, Carlotta stayed in the hotel and we went skiing and also took one private lesson, which was very good. Carlotta's skiing course in the afternoons was no big success. She said the skis didn't obey her and she was afraid. The only thing that made her say that she wanted to continue with the course after the first lesson was that they had a pause where the children got a piece of chocolate. Anyway she succeded in partecipating in the final ski competition crying and with her nose running and got a trophy that she very proudly showed to everyone in the hotel. When we came to the hotel the children got these balloons.

First of all when we arrived, the children and also our dog, Milla went out behind the hotel to play in the snow.

We went down to see the lake of Molveno. Molveno is a place for summer holidays, now it was empty.

A nice welcoming dinner in the hotel.

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