sabato 30 ottobre 2010


Time runs very fast. It's almost November now and Halloween is this week-end. The first ten days of October my parents were here. Unfortunately my mother caught a cold and couldn't enjoy her stay her so much, which was really a pity because the weather was lovely here all the time. We didn´t do all the things I had planned, but some small things anyway, like going out to eat pizza and to a chinese restaurant, we celebrated Sofia's birthday, we went to our summer place in Fregene once and had lunch there and then we went to the little village of Ceri and had lunch there in a very crowded restaurant. We also went shopping and had many cappuccinos in different cafès.
Sofia and me continued with our riding lessons and last week-end we partecipated in a show jumping competition, which was great fun. Daniele went to a football camp to Bracciano with his father one week-end. Daniele and Sofia also got new bicycles when my parents were here and especially Daniele has been using his very much. Then we had a birthday party for Carlotta with her new school friends. Her birthday is in July and we always celebrate it in Finland, so this was the first time she had a party also with her friends. She has made lots of new friends at school.
 The girls brought their roller blades to Fregene. It was too windy for the beach that day. Afterwards we went to a market near our home and Sofia got a necklace and Carlotta a flute.
In Ceri

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