mercoledì 5 giugno 2013

Weeks 19 and 20 - Prague and show jumping

Finally catching up with the week project. Week 19.
We had ordered shoes for Sofia and Daniele and they arrived this week.- Had a coffee and a chat by the sea with my friend after the water gym. - On Friday evening we flew to Prague and the following photos are some more snapshots from our trip. - Some rain, the Charles Bridge, The messages to the marathon runners, among them also our messages and the last photo is of Daniele. -  Sofia and Carlotta at the family run.
Week 20
Monday morning we came back from Prague and in the afternoon we went to have a coffee at the beach as the weather was nice - Sofia preparing Giorgia for the riding lesson - Carlotta gave me her Mother's day letter and drawing she made at school. We were in Prague on Mother's day, so she gave it when we came back. Such a cute letter she had written herself - Carlotta's riding lesson. She was angry because the pony wouldn't trot - 3 days of riding competitions for Sofia at the week-end. Could have gone better, the last day she fell,  but luckily didn't hurt herself.

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