mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

Starting the 52 week project - The first weeks

I decided to join the 52 week project this year, too. This is my third year now and I'm starting a bit late. We have spent a lot of time with the horses and I have been more active with my horse blog. Here I will try not to put only horse photos, as I already show them in my other blog. For this project I will try to choose only one significant photo for each week.
Here are my first four weeks.

Week 1
We were in Finland. It snowed a little bit only on one day. Everything looked so much brighter.

Week 2
Back in Rome and back to our riding club. We had a nice lunch there at Sunday. Here's Carlotta with her friend Irene. They have so much fun together.

Week 3

Lots of work this week. On Tuesday Carlotta was tired and stayed at home from school. It rained the whole day.
Week 4

A nice pizza evening with Alessia and Stefania who we hadn't seen for a long time. They are mother and daughter and me, Alessia and Sofia used to ride at the same riding school. I was quite tired having worked late nights, but it was nice to get out.

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