giovedì 18 settembre 2014

Lovely Sperlonga

Few things cheer me up like horse riding and travelling. Even a small getaway is very therapeutic for me and I felt I really needed it before the schools were starting here on the 15th of September. So I did a last minute search in the internet and booked two nights in a bungalow at a camping site near Sperlonga, which is on the seaside about 100 km from our house. The only one in the family who was sure to come with me was Carlotta. Daniele and Sofia want to come only if they have friends and my husband doesn't like to come unless he has a marathon, so I left the choice to them. I took a bigger bungalow as the price was the same as for a smaller one, so there were enough sleeping places if someone chose to come with us.

Well, at the very last minute a friend of mine, whose girls are Carlotta's and Sofia's riding friends, was very tempted to join us, but had some problems to organize her work at the last moment. So in the end I offered to take the girls with me and their mother would join us if she managed to organize everything. Sofia and Francesca had a show jumping competition on Saturday and after that off we went with our bathing suits and few other things as the weather forecast was very good.
We arrived to the campsite in the evening. Fortunately the restaurant still was open so we could have a pizza before going to bed. I had booked a bungalow near the sea, but it was a surprice for us that it was just in front of the beach. Lovely! It was really the best location in the whole campsite, because also the beach was sandy and nice just in front of our bungalow, while it was a bit stony further away. Inside the bungalow was fine with two small bedrooms and a double sofa bed in the living room.

In the morning I took a swim in the clear and calm water. In the afternoon there was a bit more wind. We spent the whole next day in the campsite at the beach, the girls played minigolf and in the evening we enjoyed the lovely sunset on the beach. I took loads of photos, of course. My friend Laura managed to get there in the afternoon. In the evening we had a nice meal at the patio in front of our bungalow.

Next morning I went for a small jog at the campsite and afterwards a lovely swim. Then we went to see the nice village of Sperlonga and then slowly returned to Rome. We stopped to see another campsite on our way home and had lunch there enjoying the sea view. A part from some quarrelling between the sisters, it all was very relaxing. If we didn't have to go to Umbria to the Ponyadi (a big show jumping event for the ponies) next day, we could have spent another day at the beach, but even this way it really was worth it. So happy I decided to do this!

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