lunedì 29 dicembre 2014

Week 46 - Week-end in Turin

We had a nice week-end in Turin this week. Armando ran the marathon there. He had won a free registration to the marathon and a night in a nice hotel in the centre of Turin.
I had never been to Turin and had imagined it would be a bigger and more chaotic town. I was surpriced that it had this small town feeling and that you could easily walk and see the whole town by foot. It's also a very elegant town with all its chocolate shops and beautiful cafés. When we arrived there on Saturday it rained a lot. One good thing about Turin is that the whole centre of is full of arcades to walk under, so you didn't get wet.
The Egyptian museum in Turin has a very big and important collection. We went to see it on Saturday when it was raining and the whole family found it interesting. Especially the sight of the mummies was quite an experience.
We got to know a nice couple at the welcoming cocktail in the hotel and had a nice dinner with them in a Sicilian restaurant near our hotel. They had a 10-year-old boy and although he wasn't quite the same age as Sofia, Carlotta and Daniele, they also had a good time with this family. Hope to see them again at another marathon trip!
The marathon was on Sunday and the weather was good that day. I ran the 7,5 km Stracittadina run that started right after the marathon. No one of my children wanted to join me, so I went alone. I hadn't been running as much as during spring and summer, but I managed to run quite a bit of it. When I got tired I walked and took some photos of the beautiful park we ran through. 
I think also the surroundings of Turin would be worth seeing, but maybe another time! Sunday evening we had the flight back to Rome.

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