mercoledì 7 aprile 2010

Parco dell'Insugherata

The lovely green area of Insugherata was just behind all the blocks of flats.

Fishing small water insects to look at with the microscope

Using the microscope was fun

The last Sunday of March we went on a guided tour to a natural park in Rome that's called Parco dell'Insugherata. It's a huge green area quite near the town. It's on the other side of Rome than where we live and I had never been or even heard of this park before. Roma Natura organizes these guided tours free of charge and there are really many interesting tours that you can do with the hole family. Carlotta wasn't the smallest one, there were some really small children with us and they all made it quite well. The theme was insects, so we walked a little and then we stopped when we noticed some interesting insect and we got to know their names and lots of curios things about them. We also go to watch them with a microscope. It was a warm and nice spring day and we had put on far too much clothes, because the day before had been windy and chilly.
Finding some interesting insects

Clay modelling

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