martedì 27 aprile 2010


First pick nick together with friends this spring. We met in a popular pick-nick area, at the sanctuary of Divino Amore where lots of Romans go pick-nicking. The weather was beautiful and I regretted having put my jeans on, because it got really warm in the sun! It had been raining for the last two days, but now that the sun was shining, the grass was dry again. First in the morning me and Sofia went on our riding lesson, came home to have a shower, packed the last things and then the whole family went off to meet our friends at the pick-nick area. So nice to have a glass of wine, sun and good company after the sweaty riding lesson!
We all enjoyed it. We all are Swedish-Italian and Finnish-Italian families and the children have known each other since they were born, so it's really nice to get together once in a while!

Armando taking a nap and the boys playing football
Part of the group. A few of them (one of them my husband) inside the car listening to the football games.

3 commenti:

  1. It looks so lovely. What a great weather you got already. Here its spring and a little bit cold ... but I love the spring.. and all the spring flowers. =)

  2. It looks so lovely! Here is still a little bit cold! But we have a lot of spring flowers all around us. I love spring!

    I really love the colors in your pictures.

    Kram Josefine

  3. Thank you! Yes, it's wonderful here now and the ideal weather for pick-nicks. Soon it will be too warm for that!