giovedì 27 maggio 2010

Confirmation and dressage competition

Time for an update of what we have been doing lately! First of all two weeks ago we went on our friends' sons confirmation. They got confirmated in different churches, but celebrated together afterwards with a very nice lunch in a lovely restaurant. We had a good time and their relatives from Finland and Sweden were so nice. The weather was rainy in the morning when we got to the church, but then it stopped, luckily.

The boys, Alessio and Marco before lunch
Carlotta and Sofia in front of the table where the starters were served

There was a play ground and a football field and luckily the sun started shining, so after lunch the children could play outside. Daniele and Marco going towards the football field

Carlotta and the flowers. She loves flowers!

Last week-end me and Sofia participated in a dressage competition together with Sofias friends. It was very exciting and we had a good time! More photos on my horse blog.

This is Sofia and her friend Alice with the pony Kenny before the competition.

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