lunedì 5 luglio 2010

More photos from Andalo

View over Cavedago near Andalo where we walked one day.

Forest park, an adventure park where Sofia and Daniele had a lot of fun.

This was a scary walk. On our way to Croz Altissimo. I don´t know if I had let me convince to walk there if I had knowned what kind of path I had to walk with a four-year-old child and our old dog... We never seemed to arrive to the "rifugio". Luckily enough we didn´t have to walk the same way away from there.
After all the walking Carlotta deserved a little train ride around the Lake of Andalo!

The Lake of Molveno with its ice cold water

This was a very little selection of all our photos from Andalo. I think the whole family wants to go back there or some where else in the mountains next year!

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