giovedì 1 luglio 2010

A week in the mountains

Time for an update! It has been a busy period with all kinds of shows in the children's schools, work, getting ready for a show jumping competition and then we spent a week walking, eating and relaxing up in the Dolomites. It was our first holiday in the mountains during summer time and it definitely won't be the last one! It was a lovely experience. Armando decided he didn't want to listen to the children quarrelling and fighting for 7 hours, so we left Rome at 11 in the evening and he drove the whole night. Actually, it was a good solution, because there was no traffic and no complaining about the sun shining or other things in the car, all three children slept almost all the time. We got to Andalo early in the morning, had breakfast at a cafè and then went to the hotel and our room was ready for us, so we could rest a little bit.
The first day the weather was Ok, then the next day it rained all day, but the rest of the week it was perfect. The sun was shining, but it wasn't too warm, so we were able to be outside as much as we wanted and we really walked a lot. Maybe, if I hadn't been eating so much I could have lost some weight too... On the rainy day we went to an indoor swimming pool and in the evening when it didn't rain so much anymore, me, Daniele, Carlotta and Milla took a walk to the sports center in Andalo.

The view from our hotel on the rainy morning... and the view from the hotel room next morning
We spent the whole day out walking up and up and up and down and down and down. First we came to the farm Malga Tovre where we got a good glass of fresh milk and a nice rest looking at the cows and the donkeys.

Hard to choose from all the photos when I took about 800 during our week there.... More in my next post!

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