mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

Summer post in November

This is a summer post I had started to write and forgotten to publish, so I'll do it now, a little bit late:
At least once every summer we go to the camping place Santalahti where you can play mini golf and there's a beach and a cafeteria. In July we went there once. Me, Armando and Daniele by bike and my parents and the girls by car. It's a good solution as we don't all fit in one car and I like to be able to use the bicycle and get some exercise when it's possible. It's about 15 km from my parents' house. It was one of the warm days in July so first we went swimming.
Then we had a pick nick and played mini golf. It's something the children always look forward to, although, when their father is with us it always includes some crying and bad mood in the end, because someone can't stop trying to teach the children how to play and someone wants to show who is the best mini golf player and this someone is not one of the children...

Anyway, a good ice cream or a "pumpernickel" usually brings back the smiles to everyone's faces.

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