martedì 9 novembre 2010

Week-end in a Bed & Breakfast

It's raining and raining, but me and Sofia have a good week-end to look back at. I had promised her that we would go to an "agriturismo", a farm house with horses for a week-end. It was my birthday present for her. So off we went, this time just me and Sofia, so we could enjoy the horses without anyone complaining. We found this bed and breakfast in the countryside near Viterbo on the internet. There were also very nice places in Tuscany, but we chose this one because it was closer to Rome.
We left on Friday as soon as my husband had come home from work. Carlotta had accepted this as a big girl, so there were no tears when we left. There was lots of traffic out from Rome, so it took a while before we got to our bed and breakfast. We were quite hungry, so we asked the landlord where we could find something to eat. There were a couple of restaurants a few km from the house and one of them was open, so we went there. We were the only clients, as it was no tourist season anymore and they get clients only on Saturday and Sunday. We had a very good pasta meal and then we were ready to go to bed.

The next morning when we woke up, from our window we could see the riding lessons already going on on the riding field. At 11 we had our riding tour out in the woods. I had a nice little grey horse called Mozart and Sofia a pony called Isabella. We trotted quite a lot and also had a little, but quite fast gallop, so it was fun.

After our ride we went to one of the nearest villages to look for something to eat. As it was lunch time, everything was closed, but in the end we found a bar where we could get a sandwich.
In the Viterbo area there's a spa and also many natural thermal springs outside. We went to the Masse di San Sisto. They are natural hot springs, but you pay a membership fee because they get cleaned and maintained and there are sun chairs, toilets, cabins where you can change your clothes, showers and a bar, but we got a free entrance from our "agriturismo". It was lovely! There was a pool with warm water and another one with cooler water and we spent many hours there till the sun went down.

The next day we took a riding lesson. I had Mozart again and Sofia a pony called Leninka. It was a good lesson with some ground work and then we jumped a small course. Before returning back to Rome we had a little walk in Viterbo and then it was time to get back. Sofia was very happy with this birthday present and I had a really good time, too. It's some thing I don't do often, spend time with just one of the children, but sometimes I think it's worth it - no jealousies, no competition between the children. We had the best possible autumn weather the whole week-end, which of course helped making our week-end really enjoyable!

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