mercoledì 10 aprile 2013

Day 2 of our ski holiday

The next day Carlotta started her ski course. Last time she tried it was three years ago and she hated it, but this time she was bigger and she liked it a lot. The first day she took a private lesson as they didn't have any suitable group for her at the nearest slopes.

I went skiing with Daniele and Sofia. It was foggy also today. There was a very nice 5 km long slope, but up there it was so windy you couldn't even talk. One moments there were big clouds so you didn't see very far and the other moment the wind had swept them away.

Daniele thought I was too slow which was true. Since we didn't go skiing at all last year, I felt it would have been good to take a lesson to be able to ski a bit more relaxed. And of course I had to stop to take photos once in a while which made my skiing even slower.
Snow on the slopes and yellow-green grass down in the valley.

And some sledding today, as well.

It was Good Friday and in the evening when it got dark there was a religious procession down in the village. We went to see it and it really was worth it. There were torches along the streets and the athmosphere was beautiful. It was too dark to get any good photos.

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