giovedì 9 maggio 2013

Week 18 - The beach season has started

We went to Armando's cousin's son's confirmation on the 1th of May. These celebrations are a good opportunity to meet his relatives who live at the opposite side of Rome. It's like living in another city considering the traffic here in Rome, so we really don't meet often. - This year we don't get any apricots, but we are going to get lots of "nespole". It's a fruit that I never have seen in Finland and I don't know what it's called in other languages than Italian. They are yellow, look a bit like prunes and are very succulent. Soon they will get ready! - Carlotta had her riding lesson and was happy as she trotted on her own with the nice pony Morositas. Carlotta thinks he is a bit too lazy, though. - On Saturday when all the home work was done we went to the beach and Carlotta and Sofia had their first swim in the sea and bought their first "grattachecca" which is crushed ice with syrup that you get in different tastes. - I tried to be creative and started to do a necklace, but in the end I only made a pair of ear rings. They are fastly made. Waiting for more inspiration to do some other summer jewellery. - -We picked our first "nespole" from our tree on on the week-end.  

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