venerdì 30 agosto 2013

Week 33 - Rain, sun and a birthday picnic

When we came from Stockholm we stayed one night at my friend's house before going back to my parents. I have no photos of the next two day because it was raining and I had to finish some work. On Wednesday we went riding and it rained a lot. On Thursday we baked blueberry white chocolate muffins because we were going to have a picnic the next day. Carlotta remembered her birthday picnic from last year and wanted one also this year, but the weather hadn't been so good or we had other things to do. Now it had stopped raining and we went to a new park in Karhula by the river. It's very nice. There are many beautiful parks here now and I love picnics! In the afternoon we went to Laajakoski to have a little swim, but it was so windy and cool so I didn't swim. The girls did.
On Sunday we went to visit my brother and his family. When we go there Carlotta always wants to play a board game called "The star of Africa", so after dinner and coffee we spent some time playing it. This is one of the best board games I know. Simple enough for quite small children to understand, but amusing for adults, too.

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