martedì 5 agosto 2014

Week 30 - Island trip

I still had a lot of work, but did most of it during the night so I would have time to do something nice with the girls during day time. The weather had been just lovely since we came to Finland, even a bit too warm. One of the things we did was going to an island outside Kotka. It's called Lehmäsaari and I think last time I went there was when I went to school. We used to go there each spring with the school.
We made this trip with my sister and her daughter who lives in Helsinki. She came there with her smallest kids, Liina and little Justus, who is my godson.
The boat trip to the island takes about half an hour. Once you get there you don't have to walk far away to find a sand beach, so we stopped there with our picnic food. There are barbeque places and tables, too, but they were occupied when we were there. We had our picnic lunch at the beach, went swimming ad spent a really nice day there.

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