sabato 14 agosto 2010

Daniele´s summer in Finland

First of all here´s a list Daniele made of some things we did in Finland this summer:
- summer camp
- with Onny at Källa (a friend of his that he got to know at the summer camp invited him to his birthday party and they went to a place called Källa and slept there)
- Fagerö - we did a day trip to an isle about one hour by boat from Kotka
- Getholmen - we were invited to our friend´s summer cottage for one night and the children love it there
- Picking empty bottles - in Finland you get some money back if you take the empty bottles back to the shop and Daniele has noticed it's a good way to earn some pocket money
- sauna
- shopping
- picking blueberries and raspberries

Here's a digital lay-out about these things. The papers and material are from free kits from Jessica Sprague's site.

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