sabato 14 agosto 2010

Days are getting shorter

We have done lots of things here in Finland that I haven´t blogged about yet. I will try to write and post photos about all the things we have done, so I can look back at them when summer is over. It´s still warm here in Finland, but the days have got shorter and schools have started, so there´s a little bit of summer is over feeling here and we are going back to Italy again next week, so it´s time for a little review of all the nice things we have done here. I have been working a little bit here and there have been days when the children have been a bit bored when no one has had time to take them some where or it has been so warm so my parents have not been able to go out at all during day time (not very usual for Finnish summers), but all together I think they have had many nice experiences. They also have learnt some Finnish and their Swedish has become much stronger again. They have learnt some Finnish Swedish expressions, too, (like including Finnish words in Swedish sentences) which I'm not too glad about, but it's part of the package.

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