martedì 17 agosto 2010

Trip to Fagerö - Kaunissaari

One of my children's favourite things this summer was our little day trip to Fagerö, an island about one hour from Kotka by ferryboat. We went there when their father was here in July together with our dear friends, Alexandra and Jari and their children Cassandra and Alexander. Our children get along so well and we always look forward to seeing them when we come to Finland. I hadn't been to Fagerö for many, many years and didn't remember where the best and closest beach was, so we just followed the signs to the public beach, which turned out to be a really bad choise! We walked and walked and little Cassandra got tired and her father who had an aching back got even more tired and when we finally arrived to the beach it was full of stones and not the nice sandy beach I remembered being to lots of years ago.

  After having something to eat and a refreshing swim there and after a woman told us there was a better beach closer to the ferry, we decided to move on and look for it. We didn't have too much time, because there was one ferry in the afternoon and the next one late in the evening. Anyway, after some walking we found the lovely sandy beach and it really was much closer to the ferry, so we will have to remember it next time! Time went too quickly and soon we had to run to the ferry, but we got some time to swim and have some more pick nick there before leaving.

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