sabato 12 gennaio 2013

Bye Finland!

This Friday it was time to say goodbye to snowy Finland. We had a really nice time and Carlotta said she wanted to remain in Finland. Daniele went to Lovisa twice this week to see his friends. On Monday I took him there by car and he came back by bus. I took some photos of the beautiful snowy streets of the old town. Then he went there and slept over the last night before going to our dear friends' house where we slept the last night and then took the early flight back to Rome on Friday morning at 8.30.
This week me and Sofia went horse riding and it had been snowing a little bit so we could gallop in the snow, which was really fun. After that a warm sauna at home and life couldn't get better! We also went to the sledding slopes and walked on the ice before going back to Rome. And of course we did some shopping in the winter sales.
Friday Photo Journal

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  1. Che belle foto complimenti a presto Faby

  2. Grazie mille e grazie per la visita. Adesso vado a vedere il tuo blog!