domenica 20 gennaio 2013

Week 3 - A rainy week

Last week-end the weather was good and we went riding both on Saturday and on Sunday, but then it started raining and week 3 was very rainy and quite cold too. In the photos it's me riding, Carlotta playing with the Nintendo and the curious horses wondering what she was doing, then the double rainbow that we saw one day and then rain, rain. I bought a new display for my computer - very nice! On Friday my friend came over with her girls and we had a nice evening eating pizza and the girls played with the wii. This week we also did a lot of home work, me included. My bigger children are very independent with their home work, but Sofia needs help in the subjects where she needs to study and remember lots of things, like history, art history, geography and sciences. Carlotta needs help and lots and lots of patience with all her home work. After a break with no work I got a lot of work, too and hope I will manage to do everything on time!

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