mercoledì 9 gennaio 2013

Week 1

As I so successfully finished my weekly posts of 2012, I will continue with the same project also this year. This year Simona decided to launch the project 7 photos a week.
partecipo a...
 It shouldn't actually be any problem for me as I take som many photos, but I'm not sure if I will post 7 photos every week. Anyway, I will partecipate with at least one photo a week, as I did last year and I will try to post on time this year, although I'm not so sure if I'll succeed in that. While surfing among blogs I also find another inspiring post in this blog She has beautiful photos and I think I will try to follow her Friday Photo Journal meme.
Friday Photo Journal
The first week of 2013 we enjoyed the Finnish winter.

We welcomed the new year, went horse riding, played with snow (first very wet snow, but then it got better), gave our traditional Christmas present to my parents, a photo calendar, went to my sister's house in the countryside, saw some good friends and on the 6th of January we went to the theatre with my parents to see a very amusing musical with music of Cole Porter.

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