martedì 19 marzo 2013

Week 10 - Quite a rainy week

Week 10 was quite a rainy week. On Monday before my zumba lesson the weather was good, so me and Carlotta took a little tour by the sea with our roller blades. This time I was a bit more relaxed and it went better. We have to again as soon as possible! On Tuesday I went riding, while Sofia stayed at home because she had lots of home work. Then there was some rain and rain again. When the weather is bad you can always bake something. I made cookies from a recipy I found in a Swedish magazine and they turned out very good.
On Friday it was the International Women's day and here in Italy women get yellow Mimosa flowers. The Mimosa tree is blooming here right now. Sofia went on a birthday party at Mc Donalds on Friday evening and before taking her there we went to the park before it started raining again. On Saturday evening we went to the cinema to see an italian film called "Amiche da morire". It was nice. Carlotta had to stay at home, because it wasn't a film that she could be interested in. I hadn't been to the cinema for ages! In the week-end we got nice weather and went riding on both Saturday and Sunday.

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