mercoledì 27 marzo 2013

Week 12 - Hot springs and other nice things

It was a nice week:
Apertif on Monday
Father's Day on Tuesday - the card that Carlotta had done at school
Saturday night dinner at Mc Donald's.
Songs at Carlotta's school, as most of the children were ill when they had their Carnival songs, on Wednesday after school they repeted the show.
Sign of spring - the apricot tree flowering, but very few flowers, so this year we might not get any fruit.
Sofia and her friend Alice going to their first afternoon disco on Saturday. It was a success, they want to do it again, help! 
On Friday Daniele didn't have any school, so me and my friend headed off to the thermal hot springs near Viterbo and had a fantastic and relaxing day with the bigger children. Carlotta had organized to go to her friend after school, so she didn't come. 
Riding a very nice horse on Saturday.
Sofia's show jumping competition on Sunday.
 Friday Photo Journal

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