mercoledì 17 giugno 2015

Spring barbeques

Although our week-ends are quite hectic with Sofia's show jumping competitions and Armando's marathons, this spring I have managed to organize two last minute barbeques in our garden. They are always great fun. Everyone brings something to eat, so it doesn't get too stressing for anyone.

The first barbeque was on the 12th of April after the Easter holidays. That time it was with our Italian friends. Some of them knew each others, others didn't, but it turned out to be a very happy bunch of people and we got many good laughs.

The second barbeque was on the 1st of May and it was with our Swedish-Finnish friends and their families and also some of Armando's marathon friends. The more the merrier! Again a lovely day out in the garden. This time we had fava beans and pecorino cheese, which you traditionally eat in Rome on the 1st of May, strawberries and some very tasty cakes. Our teenagers seemed to get on well together, although they hadn't met for a long time.

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