martedì 7 luglio 2015

A day trip to the surroundings of Viterbo

The first Saturday in June I had decided to go to see another flower garden that's near Viterbo. It's a botanical garden with lots of different peonies. Unfortunately their internet pages didn't tell me that the peonies weren't blooming anymore, so we will have to try to go there again next year.
I had my riding lesson in the morning and then we drove towards Viterbo. It was me, Sofia and Carlotta this time.
The place was nice with a cute café and it's definitely worth a visit next May again during the blooming period.

Nearby there was a riding school where one of Sofia's friends has her horse. We went there and the owner was very friendly and showed us around. She said she also has a bed & breakfast place, so if we could week-end we can go horse riding.

On our way home we were hungry and stopped in a small village called Monte Romano and had a piece of pizza there.

Then I drove to the seaside and we had a swim in Riva di Tarquinia.

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