giovedì 16 settembre 2010

Day trip to Ovindoli

After we came from Finland on the 20th of August, we did lots of nice things here in Italy before school started again. We also have many things to look back at from our summer in Finland and I will try to write about them as soon as I have some time.
Life gets hectic when the children go back to school and I try to get some work done while they are at school. Carlotta only goes short days the first week. I'm glad that she seems very happy with her new school and really hope it will continue like that! Daniele's week started with home work and he had to do some of his summer home work that he didn't manage to do during summer. He really had too much of it and I don't think that you should start school already fed up with it, but they should have time to forget about school for a while and just go out and do things they don't have time to do when they go to school. Sofia didn't get any home work yet and she has had time to go horse riding twice this week, which she is really happy about! Then we have bought long lists of school material to all three children and the book shops and the stationery shops are all full of people doing the same thing, so it's quite stressing.
Anyway, back to nicer things and lovely summer memories. It was very warm here in Rome when we got back here from Finland. On the first Sunday the whole family spent a day in Ovindoli in the mountains about 150 km from Rome. When we came out from the car the nice fresh air met us. It was about 25 degrees, so it was warm without being too hot and humid and of course the air is cleaner than in Rome. We spent the day with Marzia and her family. First we went to see the horses, but there were so much people that we didn't go horse riding this time. Instead, the children went jumping on the big trampolines.

Then we had a nice pick nick. Ovindoli is full of nice pick nick places, but as it was quite crowded every where, we just stayed in the garden below Marzia's and Fabio's flat. There's a little garden that everyone in the residence can use.
Their daughter Cecilia has become quite a jewellery maker, she makes nice beaded jewellery and she also sells it. In the afternoon we went to the nice little town Rocca di Mezzo where Cecilia earned some pocket money. Then time for us to get back to Rome again.

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