lunedì 20 settembre 2010

Ovindoli again

It was so warm in Rome and most of our friends hadn't got back to Rome yet, so on the 27th of August I booked a night in a hotel in Ovindoli and had a nice trip there with the children. Marzia was still there with her family. We left Rome quite early in the morning and got stuck in a terrible traffic jam before finally coming out from Rome. I'm so glad I don't have to do that every day to go to work! I didn't expect there to be that much traffic when many romans still were on holiday, as it was August. We found a nice little hotel at a walking distance from the centre of Ovindoli.
First of all we went to see the horses, of course. Carlotta got herself a little pony ride this time on the little pony, Celestina. Celestina either wanted to trot or she wanted to eat and Carlotta thought it was safer to let her eat!
After a nice pic nick lunch it was our turn to have nice riding tour. Daniele looked after Carlotta and I got out on a ride with the Sofia and the other girls.
While we were having our lunch break, the children were busy making ear rings and bracelets.
In the evening we had something to eat in the centre of Ovindoli and walked around a little bit, but we all were really tired and it felt chilly in the evening as we hadn't brought any warm clothes, so we got back to the hotel and to bed quite early.


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