lunedì 27 settembre 2010

September holiday in Sardinia

Before school started, we spent the first week of September in Sardinia. We were lucky, the weather was nice all the time, only a bit windy sometimes. This year we went to Cannigione and stayed in Blu Hotel Morisco. It was near the sea, but to you had to take the car or the little train from the hotel to get to the beach. We took the hotel transport to the beach once, but otherwise we went by car, so we could try different beaches in the area. The position was really good, only 30 km from Olbia where the ship comes from Civitavecchia and there were lots of nice places to see. You could go to the Costa Smeralda or take a boat trip to the Arcipelago of Maddalena and we even took the ferry to Corsica once. It took only one hour from Santa Teresa di Gallura which was about 40 km from Cannigione.
We took the Tirrenia ferry which left in the morning and it took about 5 hours to Olbia. The ferry trip was quite boring, there were no sun chairs out side, no nice play room for Carlotta and with the dog we were only allowed to stay outside. Our hotel was nice and the children wanted to jump into the pool right away, so we went there and then we went to see the nearest beaches and in the evening we had dinner at the hotel and after the baby dance we all were very ready to go to bed.

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