martedì 21 settembre 2010


Next morning we packed water, sandwiches and juice in our backpack and went out for a long walk with Marzia's family and their friends. We decided to walk to Fonte Tavoloni, which was supposed to be about 1 hour away.
 Well, it was quite a lot more than one hour. Daniele is a good walker, but Sofia and Carlotta weren't that happy all the time. But as I already noticed in Trentino, it's possible to take them on these long walks, as long as you bring enough biscuits and juice and let them rest often enough. And of course some good company makes it a lot easier. In the beginning Sofia wasn't so happy because the other girls had bicycles and she had to walk, but in the end they had to park their bicycles, because it got too heavy and it wasn't easy to ride a bike on the stony road.
We kept walking and then finally we came to the "rifugio" were we had our lunch. Wonderful! Then we saw some free horses and went to see them. One of them wasn't afraid of us. Cute!

In the evening we went to Rocca di Mezzo and the children put their jewellry on sale again. Rocca di Mezzo is a really charming little village and we continued dreaming of a flat up in the mountains.

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