sabato 2 febbraio 2013

Week 4 - Another rainy week

I'm a bit behind with my weekly postings. Anyway week 4 began with rain again and it continued almost all week with a few days without rain where we were able to go to our riding lessons.
The week-end was really rainy and especially on Sunday the rain continued pouring all day long. Fortunately I remembered that Carlotta had got an information leaflet from her school about a theater showing Cinderella. Sofia went to a shopping centre with her friend and her friend´s mother and Daniele went to a friend, too, so for me and Carlotta this was the perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. The play was really amusing and the actors were good. Even if it was a children's show, I had a really good time, too. I promised to myself that I would go to the theater a bit more often from now on. We have a few small theaters that aren't too far away, so I really have to go there once in a while.

On Saturday Sofia got dental braces. They are mobile braces, so she will have to remember to take them off before eating and put them on again and be careful not to loose them.
The rest of the week we just waited for the rain to stop, had some of the children's school friends coming over baked a cake that I managed to burn when I accidentaly turned the oven temperature knob to 300.
On Friday me and my friend bought some pizza and spent a nice and relaxing evening at her house together with our children eating, chatting, drinking wine and laughing. Nice!

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