mercoledì 18 dicembre 2013

Week 50 - Mulled wine after a stressful week

It's getting late, but at least I have managed to catch up with the week posts!
Carlotta making hot chocolate - Carlotta got a nail file in the advent calender and was very happy - The last leave on the apricot tree - The dark afternoons make it difficult to get good photos of the riding lessons. I want a brighter camera lens! - A new horse that I have been riding - On Saturday I made the dough for ginger breads - And on Sunday Sofia had her riding lesson, we baked ginger breads and had a very nice afternoon with our friends with warm mulled wine (glögg) and Christmas pastries and sweets.
What you don't see on the photos is that I was really, really tired this week working late every night, going to talk with Carlotta's and Sofia's teachers (it's a time taking project here) and that I had problems with my car again - this time the friction broke. Everything fixed now and our Sunday with mulled wine was very relaxing and I really needed it!

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