venerdì 8 febbraio 2013

Week 5 - eating and exercising

Finally nice weather in the week-end, so there was lots of riding and time with the horses for me and the girls. First a nice cappuccino and cornetto before going to the riding stables in the morning. Finally I had time to take also Carlotta riding. She hadn't started yet this year because it had been raining so much. She was very happy because she managed to do lots of things on her own with the nice pony, Morositas. I think I have found the right riding school for her now!
I got a chock when I weighed myself. This didn't stop me from eating, but at least I did some physical excercise every day. On Monday I managed to get my friend with me to try a Zumba class. There was a free Zumba lesson at the theater where I had been with Carlotta and it was really sweaty indeed, but also great fun! So I think that's what I need in addition to my riding lessons. I also went out jogging a couple of times with Carlotta. It's quite good company for me, not too hard, but maybe she gets tired a bit too fast.  I would need to jog a little bit more, but I'm so lazy to go alone. I decided to go to Zumba on Mondays when we don't go riding anyway, because in Italy the riding schools are closed on Mondays.

On Friday evening the boys from our family went to see a football match and me and the girls went out eating with our friens. We had planned to go to Mc Donalds, but the one by the sea where we wanted to go had closed already at 7 o'clock and when also another of our favourite restaurants by the sea was closed we phoned to my riding instructor who has a nice restaurant at our riding school and asked if he had place for us and he dis. We had a very nice evening there, relaxing and good food, only we had far too much to eat!
On Sunday afternoon we took a little walk and when we saw the sun going down we noticed that days had got much longer already!

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