lunedì 25 febbraio 2013

Week 8 - Lots of work and a rainy week-end, but quite good anyway

This week no really good photos. I didn't take almost any photos with my big camera, only with the small pocket camera that I always have in my bag and something with the cell phone. This week was made of lots of work and tired eyes, talking to the teachers at Sofia's and Carlotta's school and on the week-end rain, which meant no riding for us. Daniele had his football game anyway. On Friday evening me and Sofia went to the stable restaurant where one of her riding friends celebrated her birthday. We had a nice evening, the girls jumping outside (when they don't jump with the horses, they do it without them) and us adults eating and chatting. On Sunday morning we went out to buy Daniele a winter jacket that we had seen a few weeks ago near our house and we were lucky, because we still found one in his size at the winter sales. In the afternoon we went to to Port of Ostia to have a walk with our friends. It's a nice place to have a walk in summer with some shops, bars and restaurants. Now it was cold and windy, but most shops were open, so we did some small shopping and then we ended up having dinner at Mc Donalds. At home I continued working till 3 o'clock in the night and finally got everything done that had to be done before Monday morning.

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