mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013

Week 7 - A sunny winter week here in Rome

This week I used my camera quite a few times, also thanks to the nice weather that we had all week, except on Monday when the rain poured down all day long. Carlotta was at home from school on Monday as she had some fever on Sunday and was very tired. I found out that there were only about 5 children in her class out of 23, all the rest of the children were ill. On Fat Tuesday they had the carnival song exhibition at school and she wanted to go there. From her class there still were very few children, but she was very happy to participate.
On Tuesday and Wednesday I didn't go riding, because that meant to take Carlotta there, too. It was sunny, but quite cold and I didn't want her to get ill again. I went with Carlotta and Sofia to the hairdresser's instead. Sofia thought she got her hair too short and I wasn't so happy with my haircut either. They could have cut Carlotta's fringe a bit more instead. Sofia wanted her hair done with the hair straightener and so did Carlotta, although her hair is very straight already. I took a photo of them when we got out from the hair dresser's and as I saw the nice light by the sea on our way home, I stopped to take some more photos. But for some reason Carlotta was angry and didn't want any photos taken of her, so the only one I got of her was the one taken from far away where she is watching the sea. Well, she isn't actually watching the sea, she is angry at the whole world and doesn't want to get into the car with us.
Thursday was Valentine's day and we went riding in the afternoon and then came home to make dinner and eat chocolate and make buns. On Friday me and Carlotta went to the dentist's.
The nice weather continued on the week-end, but then it was Sofia's turn to catch the flu. She had some slight fever in the evening and was tired, but she wasn't ill enough to want to stay at home all day. On Saturday we took a walk with our friends through the pinewood to the sea. It's a really nice walk, especially in good company. On Sunday morning I went riding, Sofia didn't feel like riding, but she and Carlotta came to the stables anyway and we spent a few hours there. In the afternoon a friend of hers came to our house and I did a new attempt to make the Finnish buns with cream inside them. Well, I guess someone is trying to tell me that I should stop with these baking attempts, which actually would be very wise if I want to loose some weight. But I had promised the children to do these buns. This time I knew how much flour I had to put and also which program to use in the bread machine. Well, after an hour Sofia said to me that it doesn't seem to happen anything in the machine, that the dough wasn't quite ready. I said, that it just has to grow now. No, said Sofia, it hasn't happened anything in the bread machine. Well, I had a look a the dough and, actually, the bread machine had tried to do it, but I had forgotten to put in the blades that are quite fundamental to make the dough. Ok, so in with the hands into the flour-milk-yeast mixture and trying to get the blades on place and then restart the dough program. The final result was very good anyway. Now we have eaten the buns and a healthier life can begin!

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  1. i love that photo of your daughter by the sea!! i hope everyone is feeling better and no one else gets it!!

  2. Thanks for your comment :) Yes, now everything har turned back to normal again and at the moment no one is ill!