lunedì 17 dicembre 2012


I saw the idea of twelve photos on the twelfth in a few blogs and on the 12th of December 2012 I decided to do a collage of 12 photos i had taken during the day.
Daniele didn't have any school today. I had decided to go christmas shopping and he wanted to come with me, so we went to a shopping mall and had a nice shopping morning there. I got some presents for the girls and a nice red dress to Carlotta to wear at Christmas. She liked it a lot and wanted to try it on in the evening. At two o'clock we had to be back home as it was time to pick up Sofia from school and at four o´clock Carlotta. She tried a new riding school after school and liked it, so in January maybe she will start riding there. It was very cold and humid in the evening, but fortunately Daniele had lit a nice fire in our fireplace when we came home, so we could warm our cold feet and hands. We made bread in our bread machine and I finally figured out how to take photos with shaped bokeh and had some fun testing it in the evening.

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