giovedì 27 dicembre 2012

Week 51 - Visiting Rome

This 52 week's project is slowly  ending and I'm glad I managed to follow it through, althought I always was a bit late with my posts, but this way I have updated my blog at least with one post a week. Next year I'm sure I will do a similar project.
This week Sofia had two days off from school. We have a friend who is a tourist guide. She loves her job and has an incredibly good memory for historical things and details. Her son was in Sofia's class in the elementary school and in the kindergarten. She proposed to take the children to the centre of Rome and go to visit something and we went to the churches of San Giovanni and Santa Maria Maggiore - two of Rome's most important churches. She had lots of interesting things to tell and then we all sat down for twenty minutes to draw a picture of one of the apostles in San Giovanni. We really should take some time to do this more often! Carlotta's school wasn't closed, but I took her with us, because I wouldn't have been able to pick her up at 1 p.m. She appreciated it a lot and said that she could imagine the things Elisabeth was telling about.
On Friday it was the last day at school before the Christmas holidays. As the children get bigger they don't have so much shows at school, but Carlotta's class sang Christmas songs and Sofia's class had a little concert with their music teacher and his other classes. He is a very modern teacher and likes to teach the latest hits to his classes. They take a portable electrick piano to school and have learnt to play for example "Ma cherie", "Whistle", "Se eu te pego" and other hits of this year. I like this approach to music.

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