giovedì 20 dicembre 2012

Week 47 -Beautiful Florence

On the last week-end of November we went on a marathon trip again - this time to Florence. It's not so far from Rome and our children had never been there, so it was a good occasion to go there. I had been there lots of years ago before I had any children and didn't even remember how beautiful it was. We were also very lucky with the weather. It was warm and nice the whole week-end. We went there on Friday evening and stayed until Sunday evening.
We rented a flat central enough to be able to walk in to the centre of Florence. On Saturday we walked around in Florence, first together and then Armando went to our flat and we continued and went shopping till we were tired enough to go back to the flat. The marathon was on Sunday and me and the children participated in the 2 km family run. I ran with Carlotta and we made it to the finishing line. Daniele became third in the run. In the afternoon I visited the Uffizi gallery with the children and in the evening we had a nice dinner out with a Armando's marathon friend who lives in Florence. After dinner we drove back to Rome.

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