domenica 23 dicembre 2012

Week 49 - A Friday evening at home and decorating the tree

It's been really cold this week and it has been raining and hailing. We have been scraping frost from the car windows in the morning, which is not so usual here in Rome. This week on friday evening we all stayed at home, the weather was bad and I was tired and didn't feel like going anywhere in the evening. I often go out eating on Fridays with the children and our friends and Daniele and Sofia were very disappointed that we didn't do it this Friday. But their good mood slowly returned when we had lit the fire, watched a TV series all together and made bruschettas and baked potatoes in the fireplace.
 On Saturday it was the 8th of December and on that day people decorate their Christmas trees here in Italy. We follow the tradition and I try to take some photos for our Christmas cards while we do it.
One of the big issues is who gets to put the star on top of the tree. Daniele felt so grown up so he let Sofia and Carlotta argue and about it this year. After that, in the evening, we had a nice pizza evening with some more mulled wine at our house with our good friends.

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