giovedì 27 dicembre 2012

Week 50 - Christmas mail

We got Christmas mail from Finland this week. My mother had sent it quite a while ago and this week it finally reached us. There was Finnish chocolate and an advent calendar. Me and the girls saw the package when we came back from school and it made us very happy!
This week I started some serious christmas shopping hoping not to have to stress with it the last days before christmas. On the 13th, the Lucia day, I went to my friend who had invited me and two other Finnish friends for a Christmas brunch. She had made lots of yummie christmas goodies and we had a nice morning chatting in Finnish. On the week-end Sofia had the finals in the Pony Champions Winter Tour in show jumping and she came third, so the week finished nicely if we don't consider the fact that I got a flat tyre on our way home. On Saturday we also were invited to dinner to one of Armando's old school friends. He is married to an Icelandic woman and we used to see each other often before we got children and moved further away from each other. Now we just realized that last time we saw each other was 7 years ago , so let's hope we can meet a bit more often in the future!

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