domenica 23 dicembre 2012

Week 48 - Afternoon with friends and mulled wine

Christmas is starting to come into our house. On sunday the 2th of December we invited our Swedish and Finnish friends we hadn't seen for too long a time to drink mulled wine. It's something that belongs to Christmas in the nordic countries. We made Finnish Christmas tarts and they all brought something christmassy like ginger bread or cakes and we had a very nice afternoon. I was glad everyone could make it this time and that I finally organized something. I had thought of organizing a barbeque when we came back from Finland after summer, but every week-end there was something else in the way. Even the bigger girls came. They are 18-19 already, so of course the are indipendent and have their own things to do, but as they wanted to see each other, they came too, which was very nice!

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